It's a dark autumn night in November 2016, and an unprecedented wildfire is killing people in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

The fire came fast and with little warning. As it descends onto the mountainsides of this popular tourist town, people caught in the eye of the firestorm do what they can to survive.

An Alabama couple trapped inside an elevator wraps jackets around their face as the building falls around them. At the Park Vista Hotel, a mother presses pen to paper to write her final words. In Chalet Village, two brothers navigate mountain roads that have turned to paths of ember. A man on his honeymoon begs with a 911 dispatcher to save his life. And a desperate father tries to get in contact with his wife and two children, who he knows are trapped on the mountain.

By night's end, fourteen people lay dead.

This is "Inferno: The Gatlinburg Disaster", a six-part series of stories by WBIR Channel 10. Join Robin Wilhoit and Madison Stacey as they take a closer look at the wildfire that tore through the city that night, and the questions that still linger three years after the hellfire.

Read transcripts and 911 calls from each episode here.